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Hunting Techniques
These are the techniques that have worked for hunting thus far.

STEALTH: The pic is taken from a distance or behind an object (tree, car, etc.) The mullet usually has no idea you have hunted him. It's a really good technique to use when you sense the mulletude and you need the pic.

RESULT: Pictures are usually too far to be useable (unless you have a good zoom) but you walk away unharmed.


BAIT: (Most common) You have a friend stand next to the mullet and pretend like youre taking a picture of you're friend (the bait). This works well because you can get a nice close up of the mullet. You might get a few strange looks from the prey...but whatever, that's part of the fun of hunting.

RESULT:Decent pics with minimal risk of physical harm.


GUERILLA:(My favorite) Walk straight up to the mullet and snap the pic in their face (3/4 head shot is best). This will cause a reaction of confusion and bewilderment. It's totally legal, so don't sketch. It's up to you how to handle the post-hunt reaction. Your main focus should be to somehow distract/confuse the mullet. (Fortunately, mullets are easily distracted and not difficult to confuse) You'll need to divert their attention from what has just happened. You will have to make quick, instinctive and reactionary type decisions. For example, if you're sensing that the mullet is not going for the whole distraction angle, you might have take off running. Keep in mind that every case is different, therefore each post-hunt reaction will be also. Obviously, this is a very dangerous technique that should only be practiced by the most CONFIDENT of hunters.

RESULT: Almost ALWAYS, this technique gets you the best pics. Unfortunately, there is a REAL possibility you could get your ass kicked.

These next two were sent in by hunters. I've never used them, but it sounds like they work.

CALL OUT: It involves going right up to the Mullet and Calling him/her out.

Hunter: " Hey Dude, that's a stylin' Mullet"

Mullet: "Huh?"

Hunter: "Yeah man, it takes balls to sport that hair"

Mullet: "Huh?"

Hunter: (Say it fast for confusion) "Oh Yeah, It's the Mullet, Camaro Hair, The Charlotte Mud Flap, The Kentucky Waterfall, Hockey Hair, the 10-90, the Achy-Breaky- Big-Mistakey, the Ape Drape. You know, the only hair style that has web pages devoted to it."

Mullet: "Huh?"

Hunter: "Do you mind if I get your photo? I'm going to put you on the Internet. You will be famous."

Mullet: "OK"

Hunter: "Please turn sideways so I can get a good shot" Click. "Thanks."


DIRT TACTICS: First hold up the camera, then turn and ask a friend if the flash is on . Your friend answers that he/she doesn't know, and for you to try the camera to see. Quickly aim the camera towards the mullet you desire to capture on film and snap the picture in their face. Say "oops! sorry dude. by the way, nice mull!" Walk away calmly, leaving the mull in confusion, as though nothing ever happened.

Mullet Junkies -Jessica & Liz, VA


* One more thing: Always keep your camera with you. I'm sick of hearing the, "I saw this GREAT mullet at the supermarket, but I didn't have my camera" story.


Happy hunting,


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