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Do not send in a mullet that is wearing a hat or MULLDERLINES
Do not send celebrity mullets (see FYI) OR mullets from other sites (that's not a hunt).
Only send attachments as a .jpeg or .bmp
Include the name of the hunter and what state it was hunted in.
An optional picture of the hunter for the hunters stats is encouraged but not mandatory. Obviously the hunters anonymity is a legit concern.
If your submision makes the cut you WILL see your mullet up and credit given...please be patient.
These are examples of what will NOT go up:

Even though these are good pics i will not put them up. There is just not enough CONTRAST. Contrast is key AND the lower the mull starts in the back, the better(below the ears).


Some people are so into mullets they will actually grow one themselves. Thats cool, to each his own. In fact, they probably get alot of laughs and are known as, 'the guy with the mullet'. However, if you are one of these people or take a picture of one of these people I will NOT put it up.


Submit to: mulletpics@yahoo.com or mail them to: MulletJunky P.O. box 5911 Playa Del Rey CA 90296

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