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SKULLET- (skûl-ït) n. Someone that shaves their head (to expose the skull) but leaves the mullet. (Uncommon)
BULLET or FORCEKULLET-(bûl-ït), (frs-kyõõ-lët) n. Someone with a mullet who is balding. The outcome is a forced skullet. (Common)


flap for flair

hunted by Anthony Burgess  

Overweight Skullet


The Skullet is a strange creature. The reason for intentionally shaving the head completely bald, but leaving the mullet (flap-for-flair) still has the power to bewilder even the most seasoned mullethunter.

Sometimes, a slight visual association between skullets and radical religious groups (such as Hare Krishnas) are made, but don't be fooled. This theory has been proven wrong with 92% of the skullets studied. Hare Krishnas used to hand out Avas Flowers at airports. This skullet may try eating Avas Flowers but would never give them out for free. Also, as far as we know, there is NO definite correlation between obesity and skullets. It is NOT a common trend within the skullet subspecies. The overweight factor in this case is purely bonus.

* The tight shirt fighting-against-gravity combo gives the Overweight Skullet's arm a distorted tumor-like look near the upper elbow.

hunted by chris


Metal Skullet


Just because you have a skullet doesn't mean you can't ROCK. In fact, skullets that choose to rock actually rock harder and faster than civilians due to the high level of SKULLETUDE.

Bands idolized by these rockers include: Megadeath, Motorhead, Sepultura, early Metallica, Pantera, Morbid Angel, Dokken, W.A.S.P., YNT, krokus, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and finally, Slayer.

hunted by Art Zasadny


Fuct Skullet


This is one of the most fuct up skullets I have ever seen. It actually defies classification. If you look close, you will see it has Forcekullet/Bullet Origins(due to the balding pattern). Then, he's shaved only the sides (because the top is already bald) making it a classic Skullet...


...Adding to the confusion, he went ahead and put tons of long nasty-ass hair wraps in his mull/bull-skull. As you can see, the hunter was somehow able to snatch a single strand to demonstrate just how long it is (well over 18"). He appears to be a musician. I'm a little hesitant to say this, but anyone with intense issues such as these concerning his skullet, just might actually play some interesting music.

* This one really freaks me out


hunted by Zeke249


Pervy Skullet


This subspecies of skullet has delusions of blending in with the crowd-His purpose:To stare at underage females. When he cant take it anymore you will find him jerking off in the corner of his primer blue, '79 Dodge van.

Occupation: Selling broken Atari's at the swapmeet.(to me)


Hunted by Dr. Denver  
Big Daddy Skullet


Hol-ly shit!!! What-the.......?

This is it, the mother load of Skullets!!! He's even letting the world know....that, 'I'm the BIG daddy'.

You certainly are my friend...you certainly are.

Hunted by Brian


....The public is naturally drawn to Big Daddy Skullet. Some can not look directly into his eyes, some cant even look in his general direction, for the power is too great. Though most of the world shies away, some can and do confront Big Daddy Skullet(stache on left). For these are the strong...the brave. For these individuals shall inherit & prosper from the extensive knowledge & style from the legend that is...BIG DADDY SKULLET.


Dreaded Skullet


Contrast is the desired goal for serious mullet lovers. A skullet alone will give you nice contrast no matter how long the mull flap is. This dread lock skullet, a new subspecies, could perhaps be the most visually hardcore of them all. 90% of the head is shaved while the remaining 10% consists of several strands of dread locks, wildly ejecting from the skull. It is this 'I don't give a flying fuck' attitude that allows him to create and maintain such a radical skullet.

Alas, a new breed has been born...the Dreaded Skullet. May each spiraling dread inspire other conservative mullets, and skullets to push their level of contrast further.

Hunted by Mike  


Alien Skullet


They come from the planet Skulletar which is located in the Mullky Way galaxy. Everyone on the planet has this exact skullet. If you you do grow your hair on the top/sides you are immediately and permanently extradited to the planet Mulletar - a less prestigious planet, containing lower intelligent, fringe criminal types.

This Alien Skullet was hunted at a teck convention here in LA where we can assume he is gathering information on our technological progression(or regression, depending on your perspective). This is the only Alien Skullet ever hunted and though we virtually know nothing concerning their motives for being on the planet we can only hope they will bond with their interplanetary brothers - the earth Skullets.

* Put cursor over image for an example of a classic earth skullet/forcekullet

hunted by Zorgumullth


Death Row Skullet


NEVER, ever hunt this species. The Mulletude and Skulletude are off the charts.

Hunted by: Jason B  




I have no fear of the mullet. I only fear mulletude. However, this skullet I do fear. So should you.

Examine this skullet carefully. The intricacies of this mullet's "concept" are very telling. Elaborate, complex thought and magnificent skill were required. (For example, notice the precise cutting that took place to create the "mustache/mouth" illusion) Also note that this is a skullet, not a more common Bullet/Forceskullet. He has purposely mullded his plumage in this exact manner. This fact demonstrates a powerful desire to attain this specific VISION. This suggests an alternate purpose behind this mullet. He is working on mulltiple levels. Also, note his location in this pic. Sturgis, South Dakota. The Mecca of Mulletude. Annually, mulltitudes of mullets make their pilgrimage to this location. Humankind, right before your eyes and at this very moment, you are witnessing documentation of the recruiting/preaching/gathering of HIS disciples/followers. The Pope...Beware! Your days are numbered. Bow down before the new MULLSIAH!


hunted by Tony La Perna




Bullet Phase II

This particular mull is no stranger to the bright light of the camera's flash. It's a given he's been hunted b4. After this pic, he went home and said to his wife, Millie, I'm fed up with all these bastard kids taking pictures of me! Oh bitter, bitter Forcekullet, you gotta chill--We're just really into your skull.
hunted by Amy

Bullet Phase III

hunted by Patrick and Barry



Silver Bullet


A balding mullet(bullet) is all about compensation; "A lack of locks on top, shit we'll just make up for it in the back".

This is a great hunt. Notice the way the silver locks of the Bullet are flowing harmoniously with the wind resting gently upon the tattered tank top. POET BULLET.


* Bullets and Forcekullets(forced skullet) are the same thing.


Transi-Forcekullet Phase III


These cute TRANSIent creatures don't neccesarily want to have mullets. However, their genetic balding pattern FORCes them to a life with a mullet. In time, these sexy bitches will have a full blown FORCEKULLET. Transi + Force + Skullet = Transiforcekullet. They can often be found talking to random schtuff (i.e. a snare drum, trees, trash cans, the wind) or maybe mysteriously out of place at frat keg parties. Do not be fooled by their demeanor. If you do strike up a conversation, it's likely they will trap you into listening to a story about their "hard luck".

* If you put the cursor in the Transi-forcekullet's coffee cup (which is invariably cold) you will see a back view of his forcekullet.


Braided Gangsta Skullet


Just when i think i have seen all possible classifications, the Salt Lake City Braided Gangsta Skullet surfaces. 'Lil Troy' i'm assuming is his gang name, looks pretty unfuckwithable, so do NOT hunt this breed. I received this pic from someone on the inside.

Hunted by Luis Guzman


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