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Rat Tails

Adult Rat Tail


Rat Tails ARE indeed a hybrid of the mullet and commonly sported by adolescents. For an adult to grow one is truly a rare, unique sight. My best guess is that he is in the video game industry. Started with Atari, moved to Nintendo and now is a hard-core, professional 'eBay-er' selling various old school hand held games, rare PONG systems, ColecoVision, etc. Staying at home = no discrimination for having his Rat Tail. He is in a state of suspended adolescence which means his Rat Tail could be around for a long long time.

* Nice Ratstache

Hunted by Rick Star

Male Adolescent Rat Tail


Do not underestimate this species!

The Rat Tail is the sacred cousin to the mullet. It is found most commonly among male adolescents.

Within the Rat Tail species, there are two major classifications: The Bully (on the left) and the Techie(on the right). They have NOTHING in common, yet they still share a unique bond unknowingly...the Ratullet.

* Nice pants


hunted by Laxullet




hunted by rebox    





hunted by zorgumullth  




These are actually fairly common in the gangsta scene. Bleaching the tips of the rat tail is heavily practiced and is preferred.

Though gangsta's don't appear to be fashion/appearance conscious, the articulate rat tail suggest otherwise, yo.

Hunted by zorgumullth  


Rat Bastard


The bastardized rat tail is not really accepted by mullets or rat tails...a lonely life is ahead.

Although aesthetically unpleasant I give serious props for originality, definitely unconventional. Hang in there 'sport'.


Hunted by zorgumullth  


Raising a Rat
Hunted by myself and Beth Smiley(as bait)

I truly believe the Rat Tail will never die. Actually, I think that Rat supporters are more dedicated than mulletheads. A Rat Tail takes much more effort than a mullet. Kinda like an infant. With proper care & attention the baby rat can grow up (or in this case, down) to be a beautiful healthy Adult Rat Tail. Once old enough, it can rest gently and comfortably on the shoulder and/or back (pic on the left). Or, if it's feelin' fun and free it can hang off the shoulder, which the wind picks up, and then the Rat takes flight (pic on the right). Which ever direction the Rat decides to "hang" depends on the nurturing & care by the parent. This particular one appears to have an excellent father: He lets his Rat outside, he keeps it clean/healthy AND he gives it toys to play with (hoop earring and a necklace).


Gangsta Rat Skull


Mmmm Hmmmm, Gangsta's love the rat tail. 4 or five straggly strands of hair falling upon a wife beater tan line, accompanied by 'hard' tattoos...looking at toy cars. Would Snoop Dog be pissed?

Hunted by Dennis  


Child Rat Tail


Great Rat tail! It has the fade around back/sides which accentuate the long, healthy rat tail.

Female hunter Tristan did an excellent job! If you put the cursor over the image you can see another view she snapped.

* Wish the kid would cheer up. You would think he'd be so happy and confident, considering he has an almost perfect Rat tail hangin' from his neck.

Hunted by Tristan  


Lonely Rat Child
Hunted by by Mike C.
Hunted by Tompdog


3 separate, FINE examples of the lonely life ahead for that of a rat supporter. What makes it truly sad is that these kids probably didn't have a choice in the matter. Daddy mull thought his son would look pretty cool in rat....and they do, to us. However, the general public on the other hand, differs. For some strange reason, the general public has this weird aversion to the rat tail, much more than the mull. People are generally anti-rat. I don't understand it...but it is true, proof is in the posture and demeanor of these poor child rats. Their heads down, slouched and ALONE. Children aren't suppose to be like that until there at least 16. Next time you see a child rat, tell him you like his rat, then give him a big smile and say, "turn your frown upside down"!

Hunted by Mullet Slayer



What a great day in mullet hunting. A rare, rare species has just been hunted....A female rat tail. These are VERY uncommon(same rarity as the homullsexual).

This one in particular has a most unique design/concept to it: Thin shaved band around the bottom, permed short top, and finally, the straight upside down coat hanger single curl rat-resting beside the logo of her favorite city/baseball team.

* Other noted characters: Authoritative man with his arms crossed resting on his gut, leg propped on a rope anchor on the left. Potato sack bum on the right. But don't loose yourself in the crowd...follow the FE RAT. She will show us the way.



Smurf Rat


A bizarre Mutation derived from 80's T.V. pop culture/hair, combined with a poor imaginative adolescent. The aftermath is affectionately known to us as, 'Stinky'.

A glimpse into the strange world of out-door flea markets-The Smurf Rat surfaces-As seen here digging through random shit. (knives, dolls, albums, etc.)

(pot leads to heroin analogy)

One day, in his rummaging frenzy, 'Stinky' got caught up in The Smurfs. He started out buying magazines, then watching old T.V. episodes, then buying action figures, and finally actually transforming HIMSELF into a....SMURF....with a rat tail. A fucking good rat tail.

Hunted by Rick *  


Midget Rat-Skullet


A Monumental day in mullethunting has occurred. The quality of the pictures and rarity of this species, are equally as high. The image and title will speak for this picture-perfect-specimen classification.



I would like to point out the 'got midgets?' T-shirt the little fella is wearing. It demonstrates how comfortable he is with his inner dwarf.



In this next pic(below), the older short lady is looking in his direction. 2 strangers, that look as though they need to embrace one another. Captivating, strange yet somehow beautiful and perfect.

Hunted by: Lobo


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